Member Benefits

Financial CWU Members have access to an array of benefits including:

The following is a brief overview of services and benefits provided to Members of the CWU Communications Division.

Advice and representation on matters related to their pay and working conditions.
Advice on matters related to equal employment opportunity, harassment and discrimination in their workplace.
Advice and if appropriate representations on their behalf during disciplinary proceedings or in appeals against management decisions to transfer or dismiss.
Free Journey Cover – To and From Work . Also coverage for Union Members who might experience an accident on their way to/from an out of hours union meeting.
Access to professional advice from qualified persons about:
Legal matters, compensation claims, legal services
Financial and investment matters

P.S. The first consultation is free – anyfees or charges for further consultation/s, advice or services rendered is the responsibility of the member. Exceptions to the general rule will be notified at the time of the first consultation.

Significant discounts on a wide range of products and services when purchased through the Union Shopper.
Visits by Union Officials to Work Centres.
Receipt of the Unions Annual Financial Report, Branch Newspapers and Circulars on current issues.
The opportunity to attend General Meetings or meetings called to discuss specific issues, which affect Union Members.