EBA9 Ballot Results

Last Friday, 30 June 2017 the Australian Electoral Commission counted the EBA9 ballot returns.

New South Wales91% YES

Australian Capital Territory92% YES

South Australia90% YES

Northern Territory95% YES

Queensland80% YES

Western Australia85% YES

Tasmania85% YES

Victoria45% YES

NATIONAL YES VOTE: 74% The final count is still subject to declaration by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Abbott/Turnbull Government pay policy a tough pill to swallow 

Australia Post workers are amongst the nations most loyal and hardworking. Your Union along with all other Unions remain disgusted that the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s unfair Workplace Bargaining Policy forced Members to accept a wage outcome that doesn’t properly recognise you for your contribution to the company’s successful turnaround. 

By Members supporting the proposed agreement you have locked in:-

•Every single EBA8 entitlement;

•Maximising full-time jobs;

•No forced redundancies for members impacted by reform;

•A $22 million training fund to equip our members for the jobs of the future;

•Your Authorised Holiday

•Your Superannuation benefits;

•An additional 1% One Team bonus subject to achievable conditions; and

•Extends the life of important side commitments from EBA8 to EBA9 that:

        -Protects the way work trials are conducted with the involvement of local Union reps

        -Recognises and upholds the rights of AURs in the workplace

        -Provides members subject to redundancy with free outplacement services

        -Provides members with heavily discounted financial and superannuation advice

        -Prevents posties from being converted to dedicated deliverers

        -Recognises additional hours when paying sick leave entitlements

        -Protects transport line haul overload arrangements

        -Limits the demotion period following severe disciplinary outcomes

This has all been achieved without any productivity or entitlement trade-offs.

And despite years of active industrial action and multiple “no” votes across Federal Government agencies and departments, your CWU EBA9 remains the only one to have received a partial exemption.

By contrast, Australian Tax Office (ATO) employees have endured three years without a pay rise. After losing pay engaging in industrial action and multiple rejected EBA offers, they last week cast a landslide “Yes” vote to accept an EBA paying the same 6% over its three-year term. Effectively, ATO employees will average just a 1% pay rise each year over the six-year period between 2014 and the expiry of their new EBA.

Keep our Union strong

Australia Post will now lodge EBA9 with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and your Union will be taking steps to ensure coverage. Once the Agreement is approved by the FWC it will come into effect and replace EBA8.

To continue delivering outcomes like this in the future, it’s important that we keep our Union strong.

If your colleagues are not yet members of the CEPU/CWU, ask them to join today. They can join by contacting the Branch office on 3255 0440 for an application form.

Yours in Solidarity,