The millionaires’ club think you will swallow 2%... Bring it on!

It seems the millionaires’ club executive group has been dealt a significant blow over the past week or so.

Members across the country have been tapped on the shoulder and directed to attend secretive market testing style focus groups where management have attempted to brainwash workers into accepting that a 2% pay rise and a $237 net bonus is all they’re worth – while the millionaires’ club walked away with 35%.

It hasn’t worked. Reports back to your Union indicate that members across the country have been extremely vocal in these secret focus groups – telling senior management exactly what they think of the insulting offer.

And while one very senior executive has quietly admitted that they’re “getting smashed” in the focus groups, it hasn’t stopped other certain executives in their attempts to bluff your Union by saying things such as: “We’re confident that if we proceeded directly to the staff without the Union, that our staff would accept it”. 

If the millionaires’ club is so confident that workers will swallow an EBA that provides an insulting 2%, attacks your RRR agreement and destroys the authorised holiday – bring it on! They should put their money where their mouth is (if they can fit their millions in there) and let’s have it out – put it to the staff!

Our members, who work tirelessly to produce the results that the millionaires’ club used to reward themselves with a 35% pay rise, deserve better than to be insulted and slapped in the face by those same executives.

If they insist on hiding behind the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s bargaining policy as an excuse to continue to insult you, then we say: why are we still bargaining with Ahmed Fahour and the millionaires’ club? 

Why are we still engaging with this particular executive group for a new EBA9 when they’re not actually running their own show? We should be bargaining with the REAL decision makers – not the ones who are only allowed to make decisions that award themselves with 35% pay rises and $5.6 million bonuses. 

They can’t have it both ways. You can’t, on the one hand, have Australia Post Chairman John Stanhope insisting that the board has the ability to pay Mr Fahour $5.7 million last year, a $5.6 million bonus this year and increasing the millionaires’ club executive pay pool by 35% because Post is a Government Business Enterprise that raises its own revenue and produces its own profits – while on the other hand saying that they have no say on everybody else’s wages and are bound by the Federal Government’s bargaining policy.

Similarly, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was quick to distance himself and his Government from having anything to do with Mr Fahour’s salary earlier this year, saying: "The Australia Post board is independent, it makes its own commercial decisions so this is not a decision of the government,"

So who is really in charge? Who are the decision makers? Who is running Australia Post? Is it Mr Fahour and his millionaires’ club executive group – or is it the Prime Minister and his Government?

The millionaires’ club needs to make up their mind – and time is running out. Your Union will not allow this charade to go on for much longer. Members should begin preparing now to engage in an industrial action campaign in the near future to advance their claims for an EBA9 that provides a fair pay rise, job security, safety at work, secure superannuation and allows them to get on with the job of providing their communities with better services – because Post’s arrogance is continuing to push us that way.

Yours faithfully,