$5.7 million bonus for Ahmed - $237 for you

Dear Members,

After what was a heated Senate Estimates hearing, it became clear that CEO Ahmed Fahour was on track to taking home a $5.7 million dollar bonus on top of his $1.9 million salary this year.

In an attempt to calm the flames, the millionaires’ club – sorry, we mean the executive group – got together and suddenly found their generous side. They want to reward you too!

Naturally, Mr Fahour was only too happy to embark on a nationwide roadshow tour to tell your managers just how generous the millionaires’ club were – backslaps all around!

There were two key messages that Mr Fahour wanted employees to take out of those roadshows:

1.Each full-time employee would be receiving an annual $500 bonus, while part-timers, that is – anyone who is nominally employed for less than 36.75 hours per week - would receive $250; and

2.When Ahmed is gone, every time that bonus hits your pay packet you should remember to say to yourself “thanks Ahmed!” (yes – he actually said that).

We’ll all remember, Ahmed. We’re thinking of getting some t-shirts made to commemorate it. The t-shirts will read: My CEO got a $5.7 million bonus and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

This bribe, as we like to call it, is a slap in the face to postal workers across the country and designed to entice you to accept an inferior EBA with an inferior pay rise – and it doesn’t come without its conditions. Here are a few issues we have with the conditions the millionaires’ club have placed on this this sudden act of generosity:

1. Say bye-bye to the $100 load & go bonus.

The yearly bonus paid to staff in the form of a $100 untaxed top-up to their load & go card will no longer be paid. 

So in terms of NEW MONEY, we’re only really talking about only $237 if you’re a full-timer or $68.75 if you’re a part-timer after the taxman takes his cut. Oh, and in case you were wondering; NONE of it will attract superannuation.

2. Australia Post must meet the 96% parcel delivery standard and must achieve an equal to, or improved, financial performance year on year.

How the heck can employees below senior management levels have any sort of control over these issues? Have you seen the news or read the comments on Australia Post’s Facebook page lately? It is chockers full of complaint after complaint about parcels turning up late, being damaged or just plain going missing altogether thanks to failed management initiatives and controls over the process.

So that then leads us to profits. If you keep pissing off your customers and they keep walking away in droves, how do employees play a role in contributing to an equal or improved financial performance year on year is to occur? 

Tie the millionaires’ club’s bonuses to this – they’re the ones responsible. Our members are sick of being penalised for the shortcomings of the executive group.

3. A new EBA must be secured.

This one’s laughable. Where is it? 

Management have told you they’ve been “working through the log-of-claims from all bargaining representatives”. News to us. 

Of all the “businesses briefings” (that’s what management like to call them) Post spent the better part of one day going through some of the draft claims that they lifted from the www.eba9.com.au website. 

We can also report that they’re answer to most of these draft claims has been “no”. 

So where is their EBA9 offer? Outside of an unenforceable slap in the face bribe, saying no to everything and wanting to take away your authorised holiday / picnic day – what are they putting on the table? 

So, yes – we’ll remember to think of you and say “Thank you, Ahmed” if we ever even see the bonus. 

In the meantime, how is that $5.7 million treating you?

Mr Fahour told a Senate Estimates hearing a few weeks back that one of the loose-ends he wanted to tie up before departing as CEO was EBA9.

So where is it? Where is your EBA9 offer? The last few “business briefings” have centred around the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s bargaining policy and Post’s continued assertion that they’re bound by it – including a lousy 2% pay offer. 2% for you while the millionaires’ club took home 35% last year. 

Even contract level managers who happen to be members of your Union have discreetly shared with us the pay rises they were awarded last September – the majority of those were well above 2%.

So it’s evidently clear that they’re just not fair-dinkum. Even at the most recent Senate Estimates hearing involving Australia Post, Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield and his department heads couldn’t clearly decide amongst themselves if, or how, the Government’s bargaining policy applied to Australia Post. In fact, one of the department heads conceded that Post’s executive remuneration increases were not in line with the bargaining policy.

Enough with the game-playing, enough with using the Government’s policy as an excuse to pay our members a lousy 2% while the executive group millionaires’ club takes home 35%.

Our members deserve an EBA9 that provides for a FAIR pay rise well above 2%, job security, safe workplaces, secure superannuation and allows them to get on with the job of providing better services for the community. 

There hasn’t been a single bargaining meeting occur since early February, despite us requesting them. It’s time to pull the finger out.

Australia Post: come back to the table and genuinely bargain with us to reach a new EBA9.

Our members’ patience is running out. Unless Australia Post makes a genuine attempt to address your concerns and reach agreement on EBA9, we will be forced to consider commencing the process to engage in protected industrial action to advance our claims.

Yours faithfully,

Cameron Bird


P.S. Management are out recruiting employees to participate in feedback focus groups on this slap in the face $237 bribe. We encourage members to volunteer to participate in this process to tell management exactly what they think of it.