Media continues to wage war against Postal workers and their rights at work

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) is continuing to wage its campaign against Postal workers and their Union for doing what our members expect us to do; fighting for and protecting your rights at work – particularly, your right to a safe workplace and workers’ compensation entitlements should you suffer from a work related injury or illness.

The AFR publishes allegations that Australia Post’s workers’ compensation is riddled with fraud. That it is some sort of “rort” to suffer from a statutory work-related injury and for your Union to fight for you to be compensated for it at Australia Post.

The bosses are loving every minute of this. A national newspaper telling fairytales, on more than one occasion now, of sick and injured Postal workers being just a bunch of rorters and their Union is the big, bad boogie-man running a protection racket for them by killing off a secret plan to sack sick and injured workers called “Project Dove”.

This seems to take the spotlight right off the fact that the Executive group are taking home exorbitant amounts of wages while trying to tell workers they need to tighten their belts.

What is Project Dove?

Project Dove was a secret plan to unilaterally terminate the employment of sick and injured workers across Australia Post. These are workers suffering from statutory illnesses or injuries – legitimate compensation victims – and management at some of the highest levels were secretly colluding to sack these workers and make them chase through a legal system to restore their employment – saving the company millions in the process.

It was a plan so disgusting that some senior management representatives involved couldn’t sleep at night knowing what it would mean for the thousands of innocent workers and their families who would lose their jobs under the plan for doing nothing wrong other than contracting an illness or being injured as a result of performing their duties.

What did your Union do about it?

Once we became aware of Project Dove’s existence, we did our job. We demanded to have any contemplation of Project Dove completely killed off from existence. Needless to say, management at the highest levels acted swiftly to kill off Project Dove, but not before denying any knowledge of or involvement with its existence.

How do we prevent Project Dove from rearing its ugly head again?

The CEPU is proud of its stand against the unfair treatment of sick and injured Postal workers and we will continue to reject the attack on Postal workers by the AFR.

We fight on, and we do whatever it takes ensure that any new EBA9 protects our members’ legitimate rights to compensation should they be injured or fall ill as a result of performing their duties.

Our members and their families should accept nothing less!

Yours faithfully,

Cameron Bird