Member survey: What you said

The CWU EBA9 member survey has closed following a record return rate. Your Union would like to thank all members who participated in this important process which will assist in advancing the issues our members feel most strongly about in upcoming EBA9 talks.

The survey results started to develop a uniform, but interesting, trend very early on. And with 86% of respondents sharing some concern with the possibility of privatisation and an equal 86% also sharing some fear for their job security due to letter decline, members are feeling insecure in their jobs.

Some of the strong feedback received in the comments section is sobering, to put it simply.

Members conveyed feelings of betrayal, more than anything else. They say they’ve kept their end of the bargain to embrace change and cooperate through this transformation to a more sustainable Australia Post. But the almost unanimous view is that management just continue to penny pinch on the things most important to workers — like superannuation, penalty rates, leave entitlements or even being paid correctly and on time — and come up with extraordinary ways to demonstrate their absolute contempt for their workforce and customers.

For instance, 93% of respondents believe the system failures highlighted by recent scathing media reports levelled against Australia Post’s service were the result of failed management decisions and interference in processes. Members, while doing their bit, are feeling this way at a time where they know it is critical that the company win back the trust of the Australian public to prevent them from looking to alternative service providers. And they’re worried it’s not working with only 2% of respondents believe Post is doing enough to ensure customers are receiving the services they’re paying for.

There is a serious spanner in the works here. Workers are doing their bit, and to many it seems the messages being driven by the Executives and their spin-masters just aren’t cutting through the management ranks.

CWU members are angry, they’re frustrated and they’re fed up. They want Australia Post to thrive and prosper — so they too can thrive and prosper and feel secure in their employment again. They want to be rewarded for their efforts — not thanked with a slap in the face.

Announcing innovating new ideas to customers and staff that sound good when spun in a media release or staff information bulletin, but fail on implementation won’t save Australia Post. 

Telling customers we’ll charge you more to deliver your letter slower, and then not even meeting the slower timetable is a failure. Telling customers we’ll deliver your Express Post on a Saturday, when we can’t even get it right on a week day is failure. Telling customers we’ll open on Saturdays while forcing mothers to work against their will is a failure. Telling your staff a “Post People First” process will ensure jobs are filled internally when they won’t give workers access to a fair internal transfer process is a failure. Telling staff they care about health and safety but then allow ticking time-bombs like the Samsung Note 7 phone, banned from postal carriage in the UK, in to our postal system is a failure. Banning staff from taking leave in December and proposing to replace the authorised holiday with an additional ARL day when staff can’t get their ARL approved as it is now is a failure. 

Telling staff they will consult with your Union in good faith, while allowing other scab organisations with no coverage of postal workers in to your workplace to purposely try to divide you and weaken your Union at the EBA bargaining table is a catastrophic failure.

Treating loyal, hard working employees with dignity and respect and allowing them to get on with the job of delivering the services customers are paying for without management games and interference is the only way Australia Post is going to become sustainable.

On the back of this bulletin you can read some of the more detailed outcomes of the survey, which will assist your Union in preparing a log of claims that accurately reflects your views.

Following a recent summit held with CEO Ahmed Fahour, it was agreed that bargaining will commence in November. Your Union will again enter in to a single bargaining unit alliance with our friends from the CPSU.  

As always, your feedback on these important matters is welcomed. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have your say.


Yours faithfully,