Union calls on CEO to apologise to over 50s

Your Union is today calling on Chief Executive Ahmed Fahour to apologise to his workers aged 50 and over for his comments insinuating that they are more interested in retirement than learning new skills.

CEPU Acting State Secretary Cameron Bird said the comments were inappropriate and an apology was needed as soon as possible.

“This is alarming and affects hundreds of workers. 45 per cent of Australia Post’s employees are above the age of 50 and it is disappointing to see this national company speaking about older workers like this.

“At a time when there is a need to respect and understand the value of older workers, this is a disrespectful and naive comment which demonstrates a stunning disconnect between the head of Australia Post and his workers,” Mr Bird said.

“This disconnect is reflected in the 35% increase in pay afforded to senior executives – many of whom are over 50 – and the salaries of other staff.

“Meanwhile, senior executives are attacking employee superannuation benefits to offset costs to fund their abhorrent $19 million in salaries and bonuses, as well as the personal superannuation benefits that go with it.

“It is a disgrace that these loyal workers are suffering financially with unfair cuts to their retirement benefits, while those responsible for such cuts are pocketing millions. 

“If workers received better pay, negotiated through the enterprise bargaining process, they could retire with dignity and financial security.

“These executives should instead invest in their older workers – possibly by reducing their own exorbitant salaries.

Mr Bird said that Mr Fahour’s comments underline how important the next enterprise bargaining agreement will be, with discussions on a new EBA underway shortly.

“If Mr Fahour and his executive group could just keep their hands off employee superannuation retirement savings, then employees would be in a better space with their retirement planning.

“It means that workers will not have to worker longer than planned or have the taxpayer fund the gap with an aged pension, and they could retire with financial security like the executives will.

“If Mr Fahour can publically attack his older workers, then can he be trusted to negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement that delivers the framework for sustainability without eroding workers’ job security, safety and pay?”

Mr Fahour made the comments during a Senate Estimates hearing on Tuesday and were reported this morning in the Australian Financial Review: http://www.afr.com/news/australia-post-ahmed-fahour-slammed-for-complaining-about-his-over50s-workers-20161018-gs52av 

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