It’s getting hot in here

Boy oh boy, it’s certainly been a hot 19 hour media cycle for Australia Post’s media advisers.

Starting with a Friday afternoon special on privatisation speculation: 

And it seems to have landed with a poor media adviser waking up this morning, excited to see a story they pitched about Post’s new e-vehicle trial in the newspaper and probably choking on their morning coffee after realising the Herald Sun led the story with a hatchet job on potential executive bonuses following this year’s profit announcement: 

In all seriousness though, members would rightfully be out of their tree at the commentary made in both of these articles. Is it not enough that every single day our members are subjected to the brunt of the public’s abuse at their mail going missing, their parcels not turning up on time, their post office queues reaching out the doors and on to the street due to management’s continued process failures, manipulation and interference? 

Now members have to wake up on a Saturday morning to allegations of secret documents and high level committees actively working on privatisation, massively generous executive salary predictions and phantom fantasy “consultation” with their Union about a new delivery vehicle that doesn’t even have ADR compliance or regulatory approval yet — not to mention the absence of any independent safety assessment or agreed safe work practices?  In our view, enough is enough. Penalty rates and leave provisions are being attacked, Medical certificates forensically scrutinised, pay packets consistently short and riddled with errors, workers’ compensation processes manipulated and transfer processes manipulated. 

And what about the greedy decisions to freeze salary indexation for superannuation purposes, the continual promotion of some incompetent management representatives only interested in making workers miserable or the continued attack on the picnic day they rely on to be able to spend time with their loved ones during the Christmas period?

Postal workers have been immensely accommodating in the spirit of ensuring Australia Post succeeds in its journey to sustainability and they’re sick of being continually kicked in the mouth in return for their cooperation and good-will. Our members have told us they’ve had enough.

The Union is calling on Australia Post to do the right thing and immediately:

1.Come clean with their workforce and confirm they are actively working on privatisation – or come out and put the issue to bed once and for all and confirm otherwise.

2.Agree to conduct an independent, external health and safety assessment on the new e-vehicle using a provider of the Union’s nomination;

3.Protect the APSS Scheme and restore AWOTE indexation to around 16,000 employees who have had their superannuation salary frozen due to it being higher than actual salary due to loss of earnings; and

4.Sign up to a new, back-to-back EBA9 that provides for a fair pay rise and protects all existing entitlements and conditions — including the Authorised Holiday/Picnic Day.

Your views on these important matters are always welcome, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours faithfully,